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Lawyers or attorneys can be required for a lot of purposes. If you are looking to hire an attorney, it does not mean that you have performed an action against the law or you are in trouble. Attorneys can perform several services according to the requirements of their clients. A professional attorney incorporates knowledge about different legal issues and constantly updates him/herself. This is the principle Leventhal Law group is committed to. Our team of experienced professional lawyers offers different services starting from criminal defense, Bankruptcy, estate planning, personal injury to creditor abuse. It has been observed a lot of times that individuals are not able to gain their rightful claims just because they don’t know how to handle the complications of the legal system. Herein lays the uniqueness of the Law Offices of Jonathan D Leventhal. We offer legal suggestions and advice to our clients in a simple manner, making it really easy for them to undergo further proceedings. Starting from legalizing documents to drawing up contracts, Leventhal group can offer you with full assistance. Our specialists are experts in dealing with different forms of cases.

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