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Prof. Jonathan Leventhal Professor of Law California Attorney at Law I am a professor of law currently lecturing at the University of West Los Angeles School of law and Chatsworth’s School Campus. As an experienced law teacher, I teach my eager group of law students; introduction to legal studies, wills, trusts and estate planning. I also guide students on how they can establish their firms. From my years of practice as a teacher of law, you and your family can count on me to help and guide you in planning adequately for your future. When I use the word count on me, you can bank on every bit of the word because I practically evaluate every situation presented to me before giving my recommendation on the best available options that will suit the circumstance. Because of the importance of proximity with clients especially for matters that need urgent attention and to ensure clients’ satisfaction, I personally enjoy working with clients from Woodland Hills, Encino, Calabasas, West Hills, Tarzana and other nearby cities. Depending on the situation at hand and on which clients need my attention, I can visit clients in their homes when the situation calls for it if they live within these environments because I often tour around Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Ventura and as far as Santa Clarita to see clients. Due to my years of experience and my personal principle of making clients number one, my clients at my Los Angeles firm area have come to count on me for all their law related matters. As a solo legal practitioner who believes in having direct and personal contact with my clients, I operate my law firm to give people the personal attention and the proper guidance needed during emotional and sensitive times. Have you been looking for a lawyer who will not only treat you as a client but as a family member? He is right here! While it may sound odd to blow ones’ trumpet, we are quite different in nature and how we respond to situations. Apart from the professional aspect of service, there is nothing like being empathetic. I always put myself in clients’ shoes to further understand their feelings and the situation at hand. My primary focus is helping people; making them feel as humans and happy while the personal gains are secondary. Without mincing words, I consider myself to be exceptionally responsive to my clients. My numerous clients can testify to this fact. When you take me as your personal attorney, you become my esteemed client and you also get me to represent you as a dependable representative who does not pass clients off to other associate attorneys, paralegals or office assistants. Despite my tight schedules, I guarantee returning your calls within 2 days or credit you $100 towards legal fees. If all fees are paid, you stand receiving check from me. Areas of Practice

  • Bankruptcy Law. You can contact me for all your related bankruptcy cases for proper guidance on any issue at hand. I have successfully helped a lot of clients regarding this.
  • Business Law. For all your business related matters, you can email or call me for assistance. As a business person, you need adequate information concerning business law in order to operate successfully.
  • Real Estate. It is normal for any lay man to think that real estate is limited to just the physical structures. Well, the truth is, it is more than that. You need a professional practitioner to guide into the right part when it comes to what real estate entails in law.
  • Wills. Have you been contemplating on writing your will, but feel it is not necessary or you wish to postpone it? You may just walk over to my office to discuss your fears and concerns as well as other situations you are considering before embarking on it. The types and importance of wills as well as other related matters will be explained to your level of understanding.
  • Trusts. I have successfully guided a lot of clients regarding trusts related matters. Before you embark on creating any trust account, you can contact me to know the basis and other things required. Remember, if you are guided aright, you will overcome a lot of future regrets and hazards. Your best bet for the right guidance is your Los Angeles attorney!
  • Probate. A lot of people have suffered through misinformation on probate processes. You need proper guidance on how to go about probate and how they can be avoided. Don’t just proceed into probate court without getting the needed information. I have also helped a lot of clients having this issue and you can count on me for a professional service.
  • Probate Litigation. You can get in touch for all related probate litigation matters.
  • Trust litigation. I have wide and practical experiences here having intervened in such matters in the past.
  • Special Need Trusts. Are you planning on creating a special need trust, but confused on how to go about it? My office is open for consultation. You will be educated on the available types and the most suitable one for you or your loved ones.
  • Supplemental Need Trust. You can contact me for any confusion you might have in opening this type of trust. You will avoid a lot of mistakes when you are rightly guided by an expert.
  • Discretionary Trusts. Get all the needed steps you can follow to open this account from me. It will safe you future stress.
  • Estate Plans. Don’t assume it is when you have large resources and estate that you need estate planning. Come along, let’s interact on what you have now and how you can go about the entire process.
 Bar Admissions
  • California
  • United States Veterans Administration
 State Bar Section Memberships
  • Business Law
  • Law Practice Management
  • Solo & Small Firms
  • Trusts & Estates
  • Real Property Law
 Professional Associations and Memberships
  • American Bar Association
  • Los Angeles County Bar Association
  • San Fernando Valley Bar Association

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