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Got Any Debt? Prevent Creditors from Harassing You

Just because you have been in a financial crisis recently, does not mean it gives your creditors the right to abuse you. It cannot be denied that creditors have the legal right to collect debts which are owed to them but harassing or abusing is not at all legal. At Leventhal Law group, I, Jonathan D Leventhal offer complete and simple solutions of legal action for any creditor harassments and abuse done to my clients. I make it specifically clear to my clients that they have rights under law, and if these rights are being violated by the creditors then they can take up immediate legal action against their creditors. Leventhal Law Group promises to bring back your financial status and resolve creditor abuse issues. Bankruptcy or large credit can turn out to be really dangerous sometimes. Once you opt for help from Leventhal Law Group, the collection agency and/or the creditors have to communicate to you only through your attorney. You are liable to raise claims under section FDCPA in case of any harassments or abuse. The legal actions taken up against them shall demand your creditors to cease all form of contacts with you and will directly contact your attorney. You should not take up creditors’ abuse lightly since it gradually increases and never ceases to stop. At LEVENTHAL Law Group, P.C., we offer all forms of legal protection to our clients in case of creditor abuse and make sure the harassment stops.

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