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Estate Planning Attorney in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley California

How Estate Planning Can Help Put Your Finances in Order

The most prevalent concept among people is that the last Will or Testament shall be a solid estate plan and it will be the only plan. However, know that this is not all; there are a lot more steps and if you do not ensure your estate plan, it can create a lot of jeopardy for your following generations. At Leventhal Law Group, I specialize in all forms of Estate Planning Attorney which includes irrevocable attorney, conservatorship attorney, revocable trust attorney, probate attorney services, Will attorney and Special needs attorney. We offer our legal services according to the needs of clients in Los Angeles, and focus on both short and long term options. LEVENTHAL Law Group, P.C. specialize in offering simple and easy to comprehend solutions for protecting your assets in case you are met with any unfortunate events in your life. We prevent our clients in bearing unnecessary taxes. There are several ways to limit taxes in California, and Jonathan D Leventhal has been accredited by the State Bar of California, American Bar Association, Los Angeles County Bar Association and San Fernando Valley Bar Association. I can work as your financial adviser as well. Estate planning is not only about your money or assets but also it includes the medical directives and how you wish to be treated if you are ever incapacitated. I understand it is not a pleasant subject to deal with, but we make sure your family members and loved ones feel completely secure. Contact me for more information regarding what sort an Estate Plan will work best for you.

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