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Living Trust Attorney Los Angeles: Hidden Benefits

The legal document (usually written) through which assets can be kept in a trust for personal advantage when alive, and which can be transferred at death to mentioned beneficiaries by the designated representative (successor trustee) is a living trust. Other related terms are revocable trust and inter vivos. If you are planning to embark on a living trust and you feel it’s not worth it, just check out some of these benefits as stimulants. • Elimination of probate process: Everyone knows how stressful probate processes can be, but many haven’t known the place of living trust in preventing the entire process. The good news is if you have been looking for the way out of probate, the most important factor is embarking on a living trust. If you are able to plan a will before your demise, you must know that your estate must go through that stressful court proceedings before assets there are distributed to your beneficiaries by your selected executor. But, if you desire a faster sharing of your assets that does not require any delay for your heirs to receive their rights, then opt for a living trust. If you are in doubt, Living Trust Attorney Los Angeles can be of help in giving you proper guidance. • Money saving: Another advantage of living trust is how it works to save your hard earned salary or wages. What we often see and capitalize on as human beings in taking major decisions is the “now” factor. This is because of our short-sightedness. It is obvious that planning a living trust at the beginning may look more expensive than a will but you must understand that in the long run, you will spend less. For example, probate alone may cost you all your assets if the entire process is not handled by a professional attorney. So, if you want to save your estate asset/money upon your death, living trust is the way out. Similarly, in a situation of contests, living trust has better ground than ordinary will. You may also need to consider the aversion of court costs. • Privacy: with living trust, you can enjoy all the desired privacy you have ever craved for as your properties are distributed after your death without any publicity. This quite a different situation with a will, which is usually devoid of privacy when assets are being distributed to beneficiaries. Also, for your properties that are held out of state, they are privately handled without them passing through the process of probate. • Immediate takeover/function of your trustee: If you become ill and unable to take major decisions while alive, your trustee will be able to step in the scene without any restriction. This is far from being so in the preparation of an ordinary will. There are other hidden benefits your Living Trust Attorney Los Angeles will explain to your during consultation. For all your living trust related matters, the Leventhal Law Group, P.C offers free and no obligation consultation with a qualified attorney. Call 818-347-5800 for a free consultation today!

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