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Why You Need Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

Your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer is one who represents you as a legal representative when you are suffering from either physical or psychological injury due to the negligence or mistake of another organization/company, firm, agency (private or government) or person. It is his responsibility to intervene in collecting your money or helping you get compensation that you can use in paying medical expenses, lost wages/salaries suffering and pain, temporary/permanent hurts as well as other related expenses arising from injuries. He will work with you when you are involved in any form of accident from truck, rail, boat, plane, auto to motorcycle. What Are Personal Injuries? These are injuries arising from accidents, which may not be primarily caused by you. They could be health issues (either short or long term) arising from the carelessness of your doctor. Injuries, pains and hurts sustained after taking a product that is defective in nature. Also, dog bite, abuse from nursing homes as well as a slip and fall accident that occur in someone’s home or property all falls within the definition of personal injury. With personal injury, everyone is entitled to being compensated under the law of the state if he or she is suffering from pains caused by another person’s or organization’s mistake or intentional moves. Are There Cases I Can Handle Alone? Yes, there are some cases that you may handle on your own without seeking a legal representative. The major factors to remember here are: The degree of injury, the law of your state and facts backing up your claims. If your injury is minor and something either you or anyone can easily gloss over, you may always manage on your own without seeking an attorney. If your hurt doesn’t rise to a certain degree, you do not have the right to sue anyone especially the offender, and if you are not going to sue anyone, why seek an attorney? But, for a rather serious injury, you need to take another step by hiring a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. Similarly, if you are receiving the maximum available amount already as a form of settlement, you may need to forego getting a legal representative to fight your course. Often times, defendant (the person who injured you or through whom you get injured) having insurance policy (maximum), may offer you a settlement worth $100,000. After receiving that amount, irrespective of the degree of injury, would you sue him/her again? You may however consult with your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer if you should go ahead to sue him or not. When Can Your Lawyer Step In? As an experienced law practitioner, your lawyer knows your right more than you do, and where you need to apply some caution. This is why you cannot completely handle any situation without consulting him either for major or minor injuries. You will need an attorney when an insurance adjuster/company wants to fault your claims to ensure you are not duly settled. It is the duty of your lawyer to get affidavits from insurance companies to protect your claims and rights. If the defaulter has several insurance policies, your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer will confirm their existence and types since he has those resources. For more info, call Leventhal Law Group P.C, at 818-347-5800 (FREE consultation)

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