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It is normal for anyone to use the weapon of threat as long as it yields result especially when he or she wants to get something from another person.  When debt collectors want to collect money owed by debtors, they must follow rules set under both federal and state law. But some debt collectors break these rules, either by ignoring the law or not knowing the law at all. As a common practice, a debt collector who has forgotten the law protecting the right of consumers might resort to such practices in his bid to get a debt from a debtor. But, the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) states that no debt collection agency should use threat on a consumer irrespective of the situation on ground. Most debtors owe because of financial challenges, and when debt agencies begin to mount pressure on them and add threat to it, it could lead to untold stress apart from other complications. This often happens to people who do not know their rights. If you have been receiving phone calls that are characterized with threats from any debt collection, agency, you have the right to stop or sue them by contacting Threats Attorney in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley California who will help you sue them and ensure you are duly compensated. My California consumer rights law firm sues debt collectors who will make life unbearable for you through phone calls. I have been helping consumers with financial issues work towards a better future. In doing so, I have dealt with debt collectors, and I have seen firsthand the illegal threats they mention while attempting to collect money they believed is owed them, even when consumers do not actually owe it. If a debt collector has said threatening things to you, I may be able to get you monetary compensation under federal and state laws, called the FDCPA and/or the Rosenthal Act. Debt Collectors And The Use Of Threats Threat is one of the numerous tactics debt agencies employ to ensure you pay whatever you owe your creditors. As long as the money is paid, they are ready to use any means that will yield result. As a violation of the FDCPA, they often use it to pressurize individual debtors to pay what they owe. But, if you know your right, there are various ways you can employ to stop them and end such communications because they will only continue using threat when they know you are ignorant of the law protecting your right. The following are some of the threats they use against you:

  • You will be sued
  • You will be arrested
  • Your bank account or wages will be garnished
  • You will be arrested if you don’t pay your debt
  • Your property will be seized (unless they are permitted by law and intend to do so)
  • Additional legal action will be taken (if it would be illegal or if they don’t actually intend to)
  • Physical harm may come to you or your family
While they may not actually mean to carry out these threats, the FDCPA forbids them to use them. Knowing that you cannot go to jail because of your failure to pay a particular, means that threat of arrest is false, and also regarded as a violation of the FDCPA. The police cannot be involved in debt collection issues because it is civil rather being criminal. There is no collector that can garnish your bank account/wages if he does not have any judgment against you. As long as there is no judgment against you, you can consider those threats as unlawful and empty but should there be any judgment, then you need to get the attention of Threats Attorney in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley California to show you the way out. The collection agency has the right to sue you, but it will usually take months for the completion of lawsuit, and the order for your bank account to be garnished. But, if he only threatens to make you pay the debt without taking up any legal action against you, he violates the law that protects you and your right. If you know the right response to give them on each threat used against you, they’ll stop altogether. When a debt collector threatens to garnish your account, respond by telling him to go ahead, he’ll relax his muscles. If he threatens to arrest you, tell him debt owing is not a criminal offence that can land you in jail. Importance Of Having Evidence You are advised to keep a written record or documentation of all your interactions with your debt collector as evidence against him in court. Having a good record is important, because every instance of threats or other improper action can be a violation of the law, and each violation can result in compensation for you. By hiring me as your Threats Attorney in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley California, I will take action against threatening debt collectors, which may include filing a lawsuit against the debt collection agency, or even the original company that claims you owe them money. Importantly, I do not take any upfront money from you, and if the lawsuit is successful, my attorney fees are paid by the losing side, not by you. Have you been threatened by a debt collector or creditor, and believe that your rights may have been violated under the fair debt collection laws? I can help you recover monetary damages from creditors and debt collection agencies that have broken the law. There is no obligation after speaking with me, and if I take your case, I will sue the debt collector with the case taken up on contingency, meaning “no recovery, no fee”.     Don’t hesitate to contact the Leventhal Law Group, P.C to learn about your rights and options against improper treatment from debt collectors and to sue a debt collector that has broken the law. Call 818-347-5800 for a free consultation today!

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